To show your commitment to the wider KeepYourRent movement, please sign the pledge below. We hope that hundreds of thousands of tenants across Ontario (and Canada) participate, forcing the government and landlords to cancel rent, eliminate rent debt, and void eviction applications. The more people participate in KeepYourRent, the better we can protect the safety and well-being of the most vulnerable renters. The more of us who participate, the better we can support those who otherwise would be at the greatest risk of losing their homes if forced to choose between food, medicine, and rent.

There is strength in numbers. We will be using this form to keep track of the numbers of people participating across the city, and give people assurances that they’re not acting alone.

When filling out this form, you’ll have the option to have your name and contact info shared with other pledged tenants in your building or surrounding area. Once connected, you can work together to get more of your neighbours involved.  We promise to not share your contact information with any additional third-parties.